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of certified or LEED candidates projects
as the LEED consultant
lyse m. tremblay ecoArchitecture inc.,
is a company specialized in green buildings and sustainable development.

This company's mission is to help its customers in evaluating their needs and requirements, in order to carry out their projects with the utmost preoccupation for the client’s needs, the health of the occupants, the environment, the schedule and the budget.


At the request of many architects, engineers, general contractors and owners, lists of LEED® compliant products were compiled to meet this demand and reduce the quantity of repetitive work involved in LEED certifications in order to increase the access to LEED® certifications.

The LEED® compliant product lists are now available on the publications lmt eco-architecture inc. website, that will sell and distribute them. The information contained in these lists have been compiled by lyse m. tremblay eco-architecture inc.

The various lists can be downloaded in electronic format for a fee covering the services of validation, compilation, organization and distribution.

Nevertheless, lyse m. tremblay eco-architecture inc. is a separate entity from publications lmt eco-architecture inc. and assumes no responsability for the products offered and/or sold by publications lmt eco-architecture inc.; as well publications lmt eco-architecture inc. assumes no responsibility for the services or products offered by lyse m. tremblay eco-architecture inc.


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